Creating Communities of Care - Astrology & Horoscopes for New Moon & Solar Eclipse in Cancer - July 12, 2018

Visual affirmation by  Janna Dorothy

Visual affirmation by Janna Dorothy

Astronomically, a new moon is when the Sun and Moon come into alignment together from our point of view here on Earth. Astrologically, the new moon is a time when the light of the Sun “infuses” the Moon, and, symbolically speaking, this represents a direct connection between Supreme Consciousness (Sun) and personal, or subjective, awareness (Moon.) July 12th’s new moon in Cancer also happens to be an eclipse. When an eclipse occurs during a new moon it’s a solar eclipse, meaning that the moon passes (this time only partially) between the Earth and the Sun, and temporarily obscures the Sun’s light. From an astrological perspective, a solar eclipse is a new moon on steroids. It’s a time when we have more access than usual to observe our subjective selves, and our higher selves (the part of awareness that is relating with supreme consciousness, or what you might think of as your spiritual essence) can push forward an evolutionary need.

Eclipses are known for being times of change. Endings and beginnings are often initiated through shifts in awareness surrounding the time of an eclipse. In the weeks and months that follow, circumstances will align to progress whatever was initiated then. “Circumstances” might feel fated, or somehow beyond your personal control, but often in hindsight (or deep in your own internal experience) there’s the knowing that such circumstances were meant to be, and that if they had not “been created” through external events, that it would have been your own personal objective to create the same kinds of changes. Another way of saying this, is that we often know what we need, but cannot (or will not) act on our knowing due to our fears of change. Eclipses often bring about changes that force, or facilitate, openings and shifts. These are times to view all changes through the perspective of larger life purpose, and to recognize the ways we have agency and choice within the contexts of our lives–even when the narratives of our individual lives have largely been created for us–shaped by forces of “circumstance” and events much larger than anything we could ever begin to control.

If you’re interested in learning more about eclipses, and their astrological significance, check out this article I wrote during last year’s total solar eclipse, and/or listen to this podcast from the same time. In both the article and the podcast I talk about what eclipses are from an astronomical perspective, and explore their potential meaning through the astrological perspective.

July’s new moon and eclipse in Cancer begins an eclipse cycle in the Cancer/Capricorn axis, which will last through 2020. The last time eclipses occurred in this range was 2009-2011. Think back to that time in your life to gain an understanding of what is “ripe for change” currently and in the near future. Themes that were predominant then will probably resurface now. With new and different perspective nearly a decade later, take time to consider the directionality of your life in the last decade. What changes or shifts were initiated then? How did you respond? What issues now are ready to be re-addressed or reviewed?

The aspects the new moon is making include an exact opposition to Pluto, God of death, transformation, and rebirth. Pluto entered Capricorn, the sign where it currently resides, in 2008, and its entry into this sign figured prominently in the last round of Cancer/Capricorn eclipses. In the last decade, we have felt the effects of Pluto in the sign that represents government, tradition, patriarchy, rules and rulers. As we enter into the upcoming eclipse season, these topics are at the forefront of global attention. How we each as individuals enact and embody these transformational shifts is up to us. In this month’s new moon podcast I explore these ideas in-depth, and discuss a few of the other major aspects the new moon is making. Listen here.

Cancer, as the sign of bonding, family, and home, is the astrological energy which describes healthy attachment and bonding. Cultivating these qualities/capacities is something that most people are working on these days. In this new moon meditation I offer a somatic practice for Healthy Boundaries and Stable Attachment. Practice with me here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the new moon phase, July 12 - 27, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

I see that what is “normal” and “familiar” is a changing state. I get ready to create new norms for myself, and I allow my value systems to evolve. I take refuge in the kinds of comforts only I can provide to myself. The kinds of comforts that can only be achieved when I no longer run, or turn away, from the parts of myself I was too afraid to see.

My intelligence is grounded in the Sun, Moon, stars, and Earth itself. I easily access wisdom of the ages. The molecules and materials that have always been and always will be, that for this moment, come together as my body, hold supreme knowing. I only have to listen in, and listen deeper.

My value is not determined by external standards. It is a state of being that evolves with my emotional literacy and integration. The more attuned I am to my own desires and intent, the more I am able to request and demand compensation for my skills and services. I trust that I know exactly what I need.

I am the one(s) I have been waiting for. I meet myself in my tenderness and desire. I care for myself in the ways that only I can, and I learn from my own care, how to ask for what I need from my relations. I refuse to give my power away. I know that the best friends, lovers, partners will be the ones who celebrate my wholeness.

Rest. Receive. Relax. Changes are coming that will open my life in ways that are yet unknown. I make space to be present with my own intuition and guidance. I let my ego take the back seat. I trust that the more honest and transparent I am, the more support and assistance I will receive. There is no need to strive. Let it happen.

I appreciate my friends. I reach out to the ones who remember me, for me. The ones who know my goodness and my grace. The ones who can help me laugh at myself and love myself. I recognize the systems of support that my dearest relationships provide, and I invest myself in them.

The kind of person I am growing up and into, is increasingly humble and happy to be so. I divest myself from ego attachments and power plays. I invest in stability, self-confidence, and the capacity to observe from a place of compassion, rather than react or take things personally. The more I recognize my place in the larger whole, the more I am supported by the greatness I reside in.

Boundaries are places of responsiveness and relationship. They are experiences and evolutions. I soften where I am rigid and impermeable. I consider how to live without secrets. My relations bring liberation. I strengthen where I have given power away. I learn to express with confidence and compassion.

I investigate the unseen and unacknowledged. I reveal my own secrets. I make friends with my own shadow. The more comfortable I am with my wholeness, the more I can give, receive, and share with others. I stand strong in my knowing that I am a spiritual and sacred being. There is no part of me that I cannot include.

My personal power resides in the shadows. I turn towards what I have been unwilling to see. I accept my own irrelevance and eventual nothingness. When I remember that I have nothing to lose, I am fearless. So why not love with all of my heart? If there are no ambitions to hold onto, then why not give everything I have?

The application of my day-to-day energy is of utmost importance. I cut away all that is unessential, and all that is negating to my true values. I allow my value systems to realign. I release the need to satisfy my ego, and commit to serving a greater spiritual source.

I empower the future by releasing my ideas of what it will be. I honestly assess my energy and interests, and I am willing to let go of pastimes that are no fulfilling. I support the growth of new passions by following my own enthusiasm. I support the growth of my children and/or creative interests through my presence, responsiveness, and trust.