Power & the People - Astrology & Horoscopes for Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius - July 27, 2018

"Gate" a visual affirmation for full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius, by  Janna Dorothy

"Gate" a visual affirmation for full moon and lunar eclipse in Aquarius, by Janna Dorothy

This afternoon (Friday, July 27th) the Leo sun exactly opposes the moon in Aquarius for a full moon. Earth’s placement in this lunation sits between the sun and moon, and in some parts of the world, its shadow will be cast upon the illuminated face of the moon creating the longest lunar eclipse of this century. A lunar eclipse is an especially potent full moon. Viewed through the astrological lens, the moon is symbol of our subjective, emotional selves. It creates the ongoing layering of past impressions upon one another, which, in turn, builds our sense of familiarity (family), and the ways we instinctively seek out, and respond to, what seems familiar or not.

Full moons in general, and eclipses especially, illuminate and provoke our instinctive selves. When the moon is eclipsed, we often find ourselves in moments of deep transformation, and sometimes crisis. We feel acute awareness of our needs, and sometimes of our habits–and in response to this awareness may find that we act to move decisively towards, or away, from important people and situations in our lives. Eclipses are known for being times of dramatic change. It's important to understand though, that most drama occurs when we've been avoiding changes we know we need to make. The changes that come at eclipses are often the final moments of long build-ups and increasing inner awareness that something needs to shift.

This eclipse occurs with the south node of the moon in Aquarius, conjunct Mars in its retrograde cycle. The south node is symbolic of the past, and the habits, as well as the intelligence, that we come from. Mars’ action is to separate and assert, though in its retrograde, our instincts to separate and assert are turned inwards. We must now look inside of ourselves, and back into our past, to see what has shaped us, and decide whether or not to continue growing in the same ways. For some of us this will be a reflective and conscious process. For most of us this will largely be unconscious, and potentially delivered through what feels like external events and the choices of others. If and when we feel that the world is acting upon us, it’s also true that we are agents of our own response. We may find that our responses to what felt like (perhaps extremely challenging) external events, actually serve to liberate us from relationships and mind-states that are no longer useful for us, or our evolutionary needs.

To reflect on what this eclipse means for you, think back to the following dates and surrounding weeks: August 16, 2016. August 7, 2017. February 10, 2017. August 21, 2017. January 31, 2018. February 15, 2018. Eclipses work similar to tidal action, and you may notice repetition of themes, or emergence of specific sensations on, or around these dates that correspond to current personal events and awareness. These eclipses have all occurred in the Leo/Aquarius axis with the south node in Aquarius and the north node in Leo. From a karmic, evolutionary perspective, eclipses signify the ways we progress into the future and are propelled, and sometimes repelled, by the past. Wherever Aquarius is in your chart, holds important information for your growth in terms of what you now need to harvest, integrate, and evolve beyond. Wherever Leo is in your chart, signifies the space that's calling you into a fuller future, and asking for your bravery, courage and open-heartedness in order to move forward. There will be two more eclipses in this range: August 11, 2018 and January 21, 2019. As we move through the next two weeks, keep reflecting on the dates mentioned above to find clues as to how to work with whatever energy is presenting now.

Event chart for the full moon, from Portland, OR.

Event chart for the full moon, from Portland, OR.

The axis of Aquarius/Leo represents the duality between self and community; center and periphery; individual needs and collective needs; power and people; the personal and the social, greater objectivity and personal passion. With the north node in Leo, we are now being called to courageously and authentically express the truth of our hearts, and move away from rigidity of social control and crowd mentality. We can see these themes playing out on the world stage currently with dynamic and power-hungry leaders vs “the people”, as well as with a plethora of social groups and movements which, in the last 2-3 years of this eclipse cycle, have become extremely well-organized, and are now starting to provide substantive opposition to governments (and each other.) 

This full moon eclipse is square to Uranus in Taurus, and sextile/Trine to Chiron in Aries. Both Uranus and Chiron are incredibly slow moving points, which are both in the process of changing signs, marking the beginning of the next 7-9 years in their planetary cycles. The way the full moon aspects them marks an important moment of understanding and change for all of us–personally, collectively, and environmentally. I talk more about the full moon, eclipse, and these aspects, as well as Mars’ retrograde in this month’s full moon podcast. To learn more about the astrology and my interpretation, listen here. *Make sure to listen to Part 2 of the podcast for info on August's Mercury Retrograde in Leo!

Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism and revolution. In today’s cultural climate, with as many needs pressing as they are, many of us are called towards activism of some kind. Whether your forms of activism involve picketing and protesting, social organizing, education, healing, art, or other forms, it’s crucial that you find the time and space for self-care and centering within your efforts. As many of us know all too well, activist burn-out is real. Use this full moon meditation for activists as simple support to come back to your balance and invite peace in your being while you work hard to create it in the world. Practice with me here.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are for the full moon phase, July 27 - August 11, 2018. Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations throughout the new moon cycle as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 


Evolution is my birthright. I welcome and celebrate the ways I change and grow. I update and renew my values and make new friends who share the need for evolution with me. I resist pressures of my own making by remembering that the future is unwritten and unknown.

My path and dharma are illuminated, yet mysterious. I can know the feeling of what I want to grow towards without needing to know the specifics of how I will get there. The process of change will become my map. I reach towards, and receive, what sustains me. I trust my roots and stability. Support is available for the movements I wish to make.

I easily perceive the constructs and confines of my own mind. I change my mind. I question everything and believe nothing. Fantasy and futurism help me make life choices for plentiful possibility. New friends and experiences help me reconsider all I ever thought was real.

Insecurities fall away. I am confident. I don’t need to be anything, or anyone that I am not. I see and believe in my own goodness, beauty, and worth. I enjoy relationships that affirm and celebrate me. I easily let go of worries and assumptions about what other people want.

I listen for truth in my own expression. I am guided by my best intent and take the time to check in with it often. I am steady. I am relaxed. I release the need to control others–in their expressions, in their activities, and most importantly, in their perceptions of me. I am playful and free.

My health and body are my guides. I pay attention to my nervous system and the ways it registers my experiences and expectations. I practice presence and patience. I give myself time and space to absorb and digest. I allow my life rhythms and habits to change. I am liberated from anxieties and worry.

I review the assumptions I make. I resolve to worry less about what I can’t control. I release worries of what others think of me. I am proud of my differences and strangeness. I express myself honestly, with courage and authenticity. I welcome tenderness and transparency in all my relations.

I free my roots so that I can grow towards my destiny. I sever myself from rigidity, fear of change, control trips, and any ways I am overly concerned with following someone else’s dictate. I am here to live my life for me. I live what is essential and true.

Language forms the basis of my perception. I notice what kinds of stories I tell and what kinds of stories I expect to tell. I learn new words and experiment with articulation. I disrupt habits that keep me using the same phrases and following the same frameworks. I create my own meaning.

Value systems, self-worth, and money are related. I notice why and how I formed the values I carry. I recognize how my self-worth, or lack of it, is based in the values I inherited. I see the ways I consume and accumulate in accordance with my worth and values. I get present. I listen to my heart. I ask, “What do I truly desire?”

My identity is shifting. I am not the same as I once was. I allow for growth and evolution, as uncomfortable and unknown as it may be. Relationships are here to wake me up, I respond with courage and gratitude. I notice and release the limitations that expectations of others enforce and recreate. I am new, and so are you.

My day-to-day is a creative landscape. I disrupt my habits and routine. I explore new routes and rhythms. I welcome in questions and I question my assumptions. I reimagine my chores, tasks and jobs as endlessly interesting and full of curiosities. I explore the many ways I can play.