Elemental Economics - Astrology & Horoscopes for Taurus Season

“Best Dressed” by  Janna Dorothy  - an image of Taurian/Uranian Utopia

“Best Dressed” by Janna Dorothy - an image of Taurian/Uranian Utopia

Happy Taurus Season! The Sun enters the Tropical sign of Taurus on April 20, 2019. This year Taurus Season is a gateway for change and many personal and interpersonal revolutions. It’s no new news to anyone that how we’re living as a species on our planet is unsustainable. We know we need to change and we know that change is inevitable. How do we participate from places of agency or even from places of pleasure? I ponder all of this and more in the month-ahead podcast for Taurus. Listen here.

(The text below is from the Embodied Astrology Taurus Season monthly journal. Get the expanded edition plus a month ahead aspects and lunar calendar by subscribing here.)
Taurus is the middle of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and the middle of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. Taurus holds one point in the Fixed Cross. The fixed cross refers to the four signs which occur during the middle of seasons: Scorpio (water), Taurus (earth), Leo (fire) and Aquarius (air.) Being the middle of the season, these signs all represent the accumulated power of their respective elements. When this kind of accumulated power is embodied as an energetic quality it is stubborn, and not easily changed, hence their ‘fixed-ness.’

The middle of Autumn and Spring are times when Earth is very active in its fertility cycle. In the middle of Spring everything blooms. Plants have sprouted and grow into their fullness, baby animals are born and start to grow. As warmth returns, bodies of all kinds expand. In the middle of Autumn we experience the opposite. Plants dry up and die, leaves fall off stems and decompose into soil. As the cold moisture of winter begins to set in, plants and animals both move towards the internal, and go through various processes of preservation and preparation for the coming months.

Taurus and Scorpio hold the balance and process of life and death between them. In their axis they represent the sensual nature of abundance in the material plane, the ways we sustain and grow our physical bodies, how we preserve our genetic essence for life to continue, and eventually how we transform in awareness as we release our material identities and attachments.

In the body, Taurus rules the lips, mouth, tongue, throat, glottis, thyroid gland, neck and shoulders. It is associated to the “gate” of the throat that opens to receive sustenance and project voice/sound into the world. Its ruling planet, Venus, (in association with Taurus) rules sugar and sweet things. Through Taurus’ energy we experience the desire to consume, the sensual acts of consumption, and the ways our bodies and beings metabolize whatever we have chosen (or been given) to swallow. As we gain recognition of our sensual desires, Taurus also teaches us to ask for what we want. In its correspondence to the glottis, it is the Taurean impulse that utters sounds that eventually become manifestations. We use our voices to ask, plead, demand or dictate our desires.

As we learn and grow through Taurus, we come into relationship with scarcity and source. Our earliest experiences of craving and consumption will lay the foundation for later expectations surrounding material satisfaction. As Taurus rules both our instincts to consume and our ability to “vocalize” for what we want, its placements and planets will then describe whether or not we expect our needs to be met, and how we relate with whatever resources we have access to. It is through this association that Taurus and Scorpio are the two signs which most closely symbolize our values and wealth. Through their influences we navigate the building up and breaking down of our material existence and all that sustains us.

Are you interested in working with sliding scale? This is the language and model I’ve been working with for one of my projects. I borrowed and adapted this model from Worts & Cunning.

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Your audio horoscopes are below. These horoscopes are sign specific for the month ahead of Taurus Season (April 20-May21, 2019.) Listen for your sun to understand something about your inherent nature and ego, listen for your rising sign to understand more about what's going on in your life right now, listen to your moon sign to understand more about your relationships and emotional landscape. Horoscopes are poetic pieces of mystical suggestion. Take what works and leave the rest. Use the affirmations as questions, metaphors, and reminders. 

Now is the time to update my relationship to sustenance.
What do I (really) need? What is valuable? What is important?
I wake up to the impact of my consumption and investments.

Time is seasonal, process is cyclical
I move towards the future by including the past
What I remember, must be re-membered. I become whole
I take back the parts of me and my lineage that have been shut off, silenced, separated
Integrated, I come to know myself anew

What’s unknown expands
I have to use my felt sense and intuition
Remembering that my SELF is a temporary fiction
helps me to relate to fear with ease and discernment

It’s time to stop playing it small.
It’s time to stop hiding, or shutting myself away, or protecting what’s fragile and insecure.
It’s time to give less fucks, to claim my space, to express what’s true.
My successes will be measured by the risks I take.
The risks I take will succeed when my underlying intention is the healing of my whole self and authenticity.

In the world today, the ideas of specialness and individuality have become obsessive.
Neither of these traits has anything to prove. They simply are.
I am present with my life impulse and inspirations.
They naturally arise into expression, without strain.
I facilitate their easy expression by letting go of everything that doesn’t matter

Belief systems and life philosophies should evolve
What would my questions be if I didn’t have the answers I have now?
There’s a lot more to life than I’ve previously considered,
it’s time to set off on a journey of discovery.

Explode your insecurities. Let them splay out, unapologetic and obvious.
Liberate your secrets. You don’t need to spend one more ounce of your precious life energy keeping information contained.
Take risks in intimacy. Just imagine. People love you, deeply, for you really are.

Relationships are the place to practice being yourself.
Who are you and who are you becoming?
Relationships are the place where the ideas you have about who you are, are tested.
Lean in.
You’re ready for experiences with others that expand your sense of self far beyond anything you’ve known so far.

There is magic in the mundane and divinity in the details.
Pay attention to your body, your tasks, your chores.
Your everyday obligations are exactly where you’ll open to the infinite.

I am the artist of my own life.
What I create and how I express myself is my responsibility.
Time passes swiftly.

If we travel back far enough, we all come from the same source.
What is that source? And, how has it evolved with our species and lineages?
Now is the time to get as close as possible to the source.
Begin by unwinding through your own evolution.

When I give voice to something, I birth it into the world.
What I think and speak has been shaped by my conditioning and all that I’ve ever learned.
I examine and update the ways I’ve learned to learn, think and speak.